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Mobile Ads Services has been in the advanced digital solutions in Malaysa since the year 2006. Our services in business presence mobility has begun with the ultimate aim to promote SMEs business via mobile advertising. Through out the years, we have acknowledge the importance of keeping up a sustainable business model for aspiring enterprenuers.


Offering IoT Subsidies

to collaborate with SMEs, professionals, non-profit organization, educators, students to take up the challenge of digital economy in the awakening of IR4 in Malaysia


Launched pilot projects

to make it simple the use of IoT to reach out audience for academic and student activities programs


Product development

on the market trend and digital economy solutions for small and medium enterprises.


Mobile Ads Services was an affiliated enterpise with Mobile Ads Solutions Sdn Bhd. Both entities which were incorporated at the end of the year 2006 were among the pioneers in promoting mobile advertising solutions in Malaysia.

Mobile advertising model using an advanced digital solution was developed in the anticipation emerging trend in digital economy as the IR4 created hypes during the World Economic Forum 2007. Back then,  mobile friendly website and mobile aps were considered as at the infant stage.  It must be noted that the first iPhone model with iOs was just released for the US market in June 2007 while the Android operating system was still breeding in testing lab for public release.

mobile@ds brand took the risk of promoting digital mobile adversting model by offering creative incentives and subsidy programs in a place when the market was not ready. Those days, having a smart phone was considered as having a luxury life style and mobile data was not widely used for communication among the population in Malaysia. By end of the year 2009, we decided to take a long retreat to focus our energy in product development and servicing our expertise in the specialized ICT industry.

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